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  • Value Added Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Customs
  • Customs Bond
  • Policy
  • Consultancy
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Zia and Associates provides A to Z solution and support for all VAT related matters. Whether in need of quality representation before the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh or simply looking for some assistance for regular VAT query, Zia and Associates delivers it all.

VAT Accounting

We conduct VAT accounting and monitor documentation handling on behalf of our clients. Maintaining an appropriate account of your VAT payment is of enormous importance since it is often seen that most of the irregularities and litigations arise out of VAT audits that are carried out by different authorities. Advice and preparation of query replies, official documentation handling, and support for obtaining clearances and approval orders from certain authorities also is available.


VAT Planning& Strategy

Planning ahead of ventures/projects will ensure identification and avoidance of VAT pitfalls,along with establishing VAT efficient methods. It is always easier to identify potential problems from VAT perspective before a project commences so that appropriate measures can be taken to overcome any VAT issues.

After completion of the planning and laying out strategies, we review contractual arrangements and other project documentation to ensure that it complies with the VAT legislation and rules and block VAT exposures.

VAT Appeals

We have vast experience in representing clients before VAT Tribunals, the Hon’ble High Court Division and Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and have achieved unmatched success in appeals against penalties and various liability orders imposed by Customs and VAT Authorities. Our aim is to try to reach agreement with the authorities before a Hearing takes place but this may not always be possible. Clients who have benefitted from our advice have saved substantial amounts of VAT.

Appeals can take several months. Our understanding of Tribunal procedures means that we can look after your appeal whilst you continue to look after your business.


VAT Investigations

It is stressful and perilous to beinvestigated by the National Board of Revenue for an allegation of false VAT returns or import declarations. National Board of Revenue adhere strict measures and prosecutes businesses and individuals who fraudulently or negligently evade VAT or other duties. We provide intensive back up and assistance during such period of emergency with the aim to resolve the matters efficiently.

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)

We serve accurate Early Neutral Evaluation of cases at the pre-litigation stage based on the merits of your case. Right from the trial courts till the high echelon of the justice system, clients are ensured of the best representation in all courts of law in Bangladesh where necessary. Based on this evaluation, we take on case assignments with fees agreed at the outset with absolute assurance of providing relief.


Zia and Associates is equipped to provide complete solution and support for all Customs related matters. We advise on all Customs Duty matters and the various relief procedures available to importers and exporters and advice on the business structures required to comply with Customs’ requirements and conditions.


The penalty for evasion is heavy and can be anywhere between 20 percent and 100 percent of the tax evaded depending on the co-operation which the taxpayer extends to the investigators. Directors or Managing Officers of limited companies can also be penalized personally if their conduct brought about the evasion.We assist clients in preparing Letter of Credit (L/C), bill of entry, bill of lading, handling and preparing all other export and import related documentation. We accurately determine proper HS code serial.Our panel of expert lawyers assures clients of highest quality of representation in Customs litigation of all manners in all court of law in Bangladesh.

Customs Bond

Our coverage includes licensing support, L/C preparation, warehousing related accounting, obtaining Utilization Permission and Utilization Declaration which are vital for exporters.
We also cover Home Consumption Bond related matters such licensing, L/C preparation, warehousing accounting, Into Bond and Out Bond/Ex Bond, and full documentation support and procedure maintenance.


Zia and Associates specialist and in depth knowledge of this complex areas of law has earned it the honor and opportunity to be consulted by the National Board of Revenue for reviewing, analyzing and evaluating policy matters such as tax rates and tax exemptions. MrZiaurRahman is frequently approached and consulted by National Board of Revenue to provide his expert views and advice, working in close proximity with superior officials and personnel of this discipline.


General Outline of our Consultancy Services

  • Preparing accurate monthly VAT Accounting
  • Price declaration and approval
  • Submission of monthly VAT return
  • Maintenance of Mushuk – 16, Mushuk – 17 and Mushuk -18 as per VAT Act 1991
  • VAT Rebate
  • Preparation of VAT related documentation
  • Representation before all courts of law in Bangladesh and correspondence with VAT authority
  • Managing and representation during VAT Audit
  • VAT Appeals
  • VAT Planning
  • VAT Investigations
  • At source VAT deduction
Income Tax

We render business and income tax consulting services to a variety of individuals and companies across Bangladesh. However, our expertise lies in business and corporate income tax. We have designed our income and business tax consulting services to ensure that the distinct needs of each of our clients are satisfied.

Income Tax Accounting

Accounting is quintessential for the purposes of income tax. Failure to maintain accounts in the prescribed manner is sanctioned by penalty under Income Tax Ordinance 1984. We ensure precise accounting to relieve our clients from the burden of this statutory requirement.


Income Tax Appeals& Litigation

Our seasoned lawyers are apt to handle litigations and appeals before all courts of law in Bangladesh. Starting from references before Deputy Commissioner of Taxes Circle, Taxes Appeal, Taxes Appellate Tribunal till the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, we provide quality representation in cases with any level of difficulty or complexity.

Income Tax Return

The mandatory requirement to submit income tax returns is central to income tax law. We prepare and submit tax returns on behalf of our clients, ensuring their compliance with the relevant laws and rules, thereby promoting their convenience.


Income Tax Planning

Cautious and structured planning can prevent adverse consequences. We develop and device meticulous and effective tax plans and strategies for our esteemed clients which lead to avoidance of litigations, penalties, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, various formality requirements, maximize profit, increase cash. Our overarching aim is to promote transparency and enhance operations.

Corporate and Commercial:
Besides dealing with diverse litigation matter on both direct and indirect taxation, ZIA and Associates is one of the leading firms with wide range of expertise in the area of corporate and commercial practice. We work with clients to help them achieve compliance, advising on how they might organize their financial reporting process and helping them to match their accounting operations more closely to the objectives of their business. We have enthusiastic and dedicated legal team responsible for meeting the need of our both local and foreign clients. Our commitment to assume complete responsibility for providing all sorts of support to setting up businesses and foreign investment in Bangladesh enable us to ensure highest satisfaction our clients.


  • Forming various types of companies and registering those with the office of Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC)
  • Drafting Memorandum of Articles and Articles of Association
  • Submission of RJSC returns
  • Maintenance of Statutory Register, certificates, statements
  • Shareholders dispute
  • Share Transfer Record
  • Changing of company directors
  • Share Purchase
  • Signing of form 117 and affidavits
  • several resolution required in compliance with Memorandum and Articles of Associaiton
  • Drafting share purchase agreement
  • Winding up of companies
  • Other RJSC compliance

Board of Investment (BOI):

  • Registration of Board of Investment
  • Permission of Industrial IRC
  • Other permissions of BOI

Business Set-up:

  • TIN certificate
  • VAT certificate
  • IRC (Import Registration Certificate)
  • ERC (Export Registration Certificate)
  • Fire licenses
  • Clearance of department of environment
  • Membership of any Chamber of commerce & Industries
  • BSTI certificate
  • Registration of Patent
  • Trademark and Copy right
  • Trade License
  • Courier service license (local & International)
  • Partnership Firm
  • C&F agent license